Be the Man You Want Your Daughter to Marry Quotes

Are you the kind of man you want your daughter to marry? If you stammer or think about it for more than a minute, you will need to reevaluate who you are at this point. You really need to treat your woman like you would like your daughter to be treated.

I once chatted with a guy who said he doesn’t want his daughter to marry someone like him. This isn’t good enough because your daughter should be able to look up to you and compare every guy she meets with you. Your actions today will affect the perception of your daughter in the future.

If you treat your lady unfavourably, there’s a high probability your daughter will assume that is the normal way to be treated. Imagine you go to your daughter’s house and see that her man treats her the same way you treated your woman. How would you feel? Dear man.

Being a man your daughter wants to marry means putting in the effort to be a great man who will take all the responsibility for his family with good behaviour, who cares and support the family to progress forward.

So, if you really want your actions today to affect tomorrow positively and impact generations to come, you need to show your daughter that you are a real man. Let these “be a man your daughter wants to marry quotes” give you some inspiration.

Always remember to be the man you want your daughter to marry. Your daughter observes to grow up in a home where there is love, so you want to treat your woman the way you want your daughter to be treated.

1. Young women want to marry a man who is a future husband. If you plan on being her future reference, start living like the man today.

2. If you don’t want your daughter to marry a bum, start acting like a future husband today!

3. If you want your daughter to marry the right guy one day, start acting like a future husband today.

4. Don’t just stand there. Start acting like a husband already. If you want to raise a daughter who can spot a gold-digger before she gets in too deep, be the best man you can possibly be. You never know where she’ll find her husband!

5. Be generous and kind if you want your daughter to go through life with money in the bank. You never know where she’ll find a husband!

6. If you want to raise a fun, successful daughter, be the best father you can possibly be. (Being a truly awesome dad is perhaps your most important job.

7. All girls need their dads to show them how a real man acts, what it means to be a good husband, and how to be strong and independent.

8. Do your best to be the best dad you can be to your daughter. It’s probably one of the most important jobs you have.

9. It’s not just about being a good dad. It’s about being a good role model and friend to your daughter.

10. Be a good dad to your daughter by loving and respecting your wife. It’s the most important job you’ll have and you don’t want to mess it up.

11. The most important job in the world. You probably can’t escape if—you’re a dad. So make sure you do your best and be a good role model to your daughter.

12. Being a dad isn’t just about opening presents on Christmas or taking your kids to school—it’s about being a friend, father, and role model; it’s about being a support system.

13. Be the best dad you can possibly be. It might upset you, but most likely, it won’t. But, then again, maybe it will.

14. Be the dad you’ve always wanted to be! It starts with how you behave to your daughter.

15. Like all of us, you want to be the father that your child will remember fondly on his wedding day. You want to be proud and confident in your ability to lead, teach your children to think for themselves and stand up for what they believe in.

16. Fatherhood is full of challenges, but being a great dad is worth it! Let’s help each other be the best dads we can be.

17. Many people think that being a dad is an easy job, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Be the man you want your daughter to marry.

18. As a man, be the rock for your family when times get tough. Let them count on you. Be the role model that you want to be.

19. Be the man you want your daughter to marry and be a good father to your children. It is the most important job you will have in your life.

20. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this step in becoming a truly awesome father. The sooner you take it, the greater impact you can have on your daughter’s life. And she might just be able to thank you later!

21. Great dads don’t just accidentally happen. If you want to raise a daughter who knows the value of hard work, gets good grades in school, and is mature and polite, take time to be an awesome dad from Day One.

22. Being an awesome dad means setting high standards for your daughter’s future husband and expecting him to live up to them. It means you treat your daughter like you would treat your own beloved wife. And, if you do a great job, she’ll be the first in line to say yes to a good man when he proposes.

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23. Being a father is exciting, challenging, and important. You want to be expected of your daughter’s future husband to be worthy of her. It’s important that your daughter sees you treating her as you would your own beloved wife. And if she sees that, she’ll feel safe and confident in making a decision to say yes when he proposes.

24. Being an awesome man is a serious job. But it’s also a lot of fun when you make it a top priority to raise your daughter to be the woman you know she can be. She’ll thank you for it, and so will her future husband.

25. Be an awesome man by supporting your daughter in choosing someone who treats her well.

26. Being a dad means you’ve taken on the most rewarding and important role in your daughter’s life. You set the bar for who her future husband will be, and you teach her how to be treated as a woman.

27. Being a dad is the most important thing you’ll ever do. You want to set high expectations for your daughter’s future husband and be sure the two of you see eye-to-eye.

28. What makes a good dad? Helping your daughter grow up to be strong, independent and confident. Be the man you want your daughter to marry.

29. Relationships are always changing, but as a dad, you can set the tone of how your daughter sees relationships by first being that kind of man.

30. As a father of daughters, I know that you have to be there for your daughter and not be afraid to be the man she needs.

31. To be the best dad you can be to your daughter, you need to stay informed about what’s going on in the world and stay active in her life.

32. You’ve got this—being a dad is as much about doing as it is about being. Speaking, reading, singing long before your baby understands a word. Being there—for every skinned knee, to cheer from the sidelines, to hold her when she wants you to and let her go when she needs to be on her own.

33. Hopefully we don’t have to tell you that raising a little princess is no easy feat. However, if you do a few things right, you’ll end up with an amazing daughter who will grow to be as strong and independent as any woman can be.

34. Needless to say, being a father can be a challenging job. You might not always be able to do everything right, but you can always be the best dad YOU can be. And this is what matters most.

35. Being a father often feels like a challenge. You might not always get it right, but you can always be the best dad there is—for your children!

36. No matter how your “father” skills might be rated, you can always be the father YOU want to be. And in the end, isn’t that what matters most?

37. You might not always succeed, but what matters the most is that you’re trying. And this is what you should remember.

38. Of course, being a parent can be challenging. You’ll make tons of mistakes; I certainly did! But no matter what, you just want your kids to know that you love them.

39. Being a dad requires a lot of hard work and patience. Sometimes, you may not be able to take your son or daughter to the ice-skating rink, or the prom, or even the school play – but life isn’t about what you can do for your children; it’s about what your children can do for you.

40. Being a dad isn’t always easy, but what matters most is that the little boy or girl knows you love them and will be there for them.

41. Being a father is a challenging and rewarding experience. There are no perfect dads, only those who try their best.

42. When it comes to fatherhood, you face a few challenges. There is no doubt that you can do things better and your children would like you to be there all the time, even though they don’t really prefer to have you in the way all the time.

43. You have to find that balance where you are there for your children and portraying the best example but not smothering them. You have no idea how much they love being around you!

44. Just remember that no matter what imperfections you have and your kids have, you both have the chance to work on being the best man you can be to your daughter.

45. Becoming a good man to your daughter is an awesome thing; you get scared to death in the beginning, then you realize how rewarding it can be.

46. Show your daughter how much you love her. Always try to be the man you want her to marry.

47. Dads are awesome. But they’re also incredibly complex people, with a hundred things going through their minds at any given moment. Be a good dad to your daughter.

48. We believe girls and boys benefit most when they have a strong relationship with both parents. That’s why we’re here.

49. If you want to raise a daughter who will rise high above her peers, instil in her the values that will make her stand out. The most important of these values is compassion and understanding. You can never know what a person may be going through, so it’s best to not pass judgment.

50. If you want to raise a daughter who will rise high above her peers, instil in her the values that will make her stand out. The most important of these values is compassion and understanding. Just think of how much you don’t know about others—and they don’t know about you!

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51. If you want to raise a daughter who will help those in need and stand for what’s right, be sure to instil in them values that promote well. It’s imperative not to impose your own personal beliefs on others.

52. As you raise our daughters, it is important to instil in them values that will make them successful and well-rounded individuals. Be a role model as a means to teach her how to handle tough situations like these. If you want to raise two people who will rise high above their peers, then you must start with love and respect for all people.

53. If you want to raise a daughter who succeeds, raise her to be kind, understanding, loyal and ambitious. Help her to achieve her goals with morals and hard work. A successful and happy daughter will lead to a happy you.

54. As a dad, always make sure to show some compassion. Your daughter may have gone through something rough, and even if she isn’t showing emotion, she could be hurting on the inside.

55. If you’re a super dad with more success and glory than you know what to do with, then go ahead. Raise your little girl like she’s destined to be the top first lady in the country. Just don’t forget to pass on some humility and oodles of compassion.

56. As a good man, it is never too early to start teaching our daughters lessons that they will carry with them throughout their lives. By nurturing and guiding them, we help them develop a sense of empathy and self-confidence.

57. Treat your daughter as a princess, and you will always have a confident woman who knows how to handle the men in her life.

58. Remember to fill your little girl’s world with love and her future husband will be grateful.

59. It’s not too late to make the best of what you’ve got. Make sure your daughter doesn’t end up with a bum. Teach her to identify the right man by being a good example yourself.

60. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Start telling your daughter about the man she will one day marry.

61. If you want to make sure your daughter grows up to be a nice, hardworking woman, then you have to start practising the behaviours now as a good man.

62. A strong man doesn’t mind a woman being a little demanding. Treat your daughter like royalty, and your home like a castle.

63. You can’t be a weak man. It kills the woman’s brain. Treat your woman like royalty, and your home like she is.

64. Be a strong and good man. Your daughter deserves the best. Treat your daughter like you would treat a queen and make sure your home is where she feels safe and comfortable.

65. Life can look hard when you are a dad. It could be tough to make the right lifestyle choices but prioritize raising your daughter like she was your little princess. You will know what daily activities, studies, and relationships will shape her life. She may end up with someone just like her daddy or someone totally different, but that’s your choice to make as a daddy!

66. Although she may not be royalty, chances are she’s someone you treasure more than all the gold in the world. There’s nothing wrong with treating her accordingly.

67. A father’s duty is to provide his daughter with everything that she needs and being a good man yourself should be among them.

68. If you love your daughter and want to protect her, give her the opportunity to play in a clean environment and see you perform good works.

69. You have the power to make a great life for your family. Got a daughter? Teach her how to be a lady. Teach her how to pursue success, love God, and live boldly. It’s never too early or too late to start living like the man you want her to marry someday.

70. It’s never too early or too late to start living like the man you want your daughter to marry someday. Teach her how to follow victory, appreciate God, and live courageously.

71. It’s never too early or too late to start living like the man you want her to marry someday. It’s never too early to teach your daughter how to be a lady, nor is it too late.

72. Teach your daughter how to respect others, focus on her goals, follow the path of success, and reach her full potential. You want her to grow up to be a confident and poised woman who can live confidently and effectively as a wife and mother.

73. Blessed is the dad who instils a sense of purpose, confidence, and self-worth in his daughter long before she dons her first bobby socks.

74. No matter what the age, there is something about the beauty of a girl that just makes you want to hug her tight and never let go. And when it comes to dating, it’s important to have confidence and know that you are always her man. Teach her by being that.

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75. Teach her to act like a lady. No daughter is ever too young to know that our hearts are designed to find and honour God.

76. Living like a Prince is the only way your daughters will marry a King! Ensure you treat her like a princess in your house.

77. As the father of a daughter, I could tell you to treat women like princesses and worship the ground they walk on. In short, I could tell you to pretend you’re her future husband.

78. As the father of a daughter, she doesn’t want a guy who thinks she’s out of his league. She wants a real man who chases her and tries to win her heart. Be that kind of a man to her.

79. Of course, your daughter deserves to be treated like a princess. But that doesn’t mean you should treat her like your future wife. I’ll say this instead; as the father of a daughter, I want you to invest in your relationship with her.

80. As a dad, your actions will speak louder than any words. So go do something fun with her this week. Give her a back rub and tell her she’s awesome. And if she wants ice cream, get her ice cream.

81. She wants a guy who shows up! Who isn’t late for the date. A man who is not afraid to take her on an adventure. She wants a great guy she can bring home to meet Mom and Dad. Show her that first.

82. As a father of a daughter, I’m sure you are aware that women face many challenges. However, if you can assure her in your home, she would cope better in her home.

83. When you’re your daughter’s hero, she’ll want to be just like you. Make her proud by being the man she wants to end up with.

84. You wouldn’t want your daughter to end up with an indecisive, self-absorbed guy. So don’t be one.

85. You’re a great man, but if you want your daughter to find a guy who will love her for the rest of her life, then it’s time for you to step up and become her hero.

86. You have to be living in a way that’s attractive to your daughter if you want her to love you and her future husband.

87. I asked my daughter, “If I died today, would you get married again?” and she answered, “Are you kidding? You’re the man I want to marry”. Be the man your daughter can marry.

88. A man who can dance with his daughter and not step on her feet is a talented man. Be that kind of man to your daughter.

89. If one day you’re a father and your daughter come home and says she’s engaged, don’t force her to choose between the guy she loves and her happiness. Embrace them both because you must have shown her the right way.

90. If you don’t want your daughter to marry a dull, uninteresting man, teach her to beware of men before they turn on the charm.

91. Be the kind of man your daughter wants to marry. That’s the standard she’ll always measure you by.

92. We want our daughters to be kind and independent. We want them to be smart and funny. If you treat her well, she’ll treat her future husband well. That’s the only way this life works.

93. Remember, it’s not your job to protect her from the boys that are out there. It’s your job to use your attitude to protect her from the wrong boys out there.

94. Plenty of guys are afraid of commitment. That’s because they’ve seen too many sappy movies and seen the treacherous results of relationships. As a good man and father, you must know how to communicate this to your daughter.

95. Life is a journey, not a destination. The secret to happiness in your daughter’s marriage is not in the destination but in how wonderful it felt when she lives with you as a daughter.

96. The best way to find a good man for your daughter is to lose yourself in the service of her as a dad.

97. Treat the woman in your life like she’s a princess. Today and every day after. Be The Kind of Man You Want Your Daughter to Marry.

98. To have a daughter is to watch over her, to protect her, and she’ll need a much greater man than a dad when it’s her time.

99. What she sees in you as a dad will always be more important than what she will see somewhere else.

100. Father’s Day is for everyone in your life who gives you something to smile for. Make sure you are a real father to your daughter. Be who she can marry.

Your desire will be done when you can make your family happy whenever you are with them, ensure you make them see the good character in you, by doing that your daughter will want a man like you.

A man says my daughter is so much like me that will we are more like twins than father and daughter. She has told me on more than one occasion that if she considered getting married, it would be someone who was the most like him. Do you want your daughter to wish like that? Then be a man you want your daughter to marry, your daughter sure deserves that.

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