I Left You for a Reason Quotes

As much as we hate to admit it, a lot of people leave us for a reason. Whether they are just using us or they think they can do better, it doesn’t mean that we wanted them to go away. It’s hard to explain to people why you left your relationship. There are just too many emotions involved and people will just not understand.

Sometimes people leave their lovers for a reason and sometimes they leave for a lesson but the most important thing is to let go of what’s not meant to be no matter how hard it is.

Don’t stay with someone just because you don’t want to hurt them when you know it’s not going to work out. It can be hard to leave people behind, but when they are not good for you it is the right thing to do. It’s like trying to get over a bad relationship: it’s hard and sometimes it hurts — but in the end, it is worth every tear and heartache.

Sometimes, regardless of why you left, you can’t stop thinking about them and you feel like explaining and letting them understand why you left. Well, here are some quotes about I left you for a reason that will help you do just that.

You were the love of my life and instead of being grateful or appreciative, you were always nitpicking at whatever I did for you. You were never satisfied and for that reason, I left you.

1. I left you for a reason. I walked away and didn’t look back, not because I wanted to forget you but so that when I tried to move on, you wouldn’t appear in my mind every time.

2. I put some distance between us and let the dust settle, not so I could get over you but so that when we finally met up again, we wouldn’t spend our whole time together reminiscing about the past. I left you for that reason.

3. I left you for a reason. I left you because I knew that if I stayed, I wouldn’t be happy. You kept hunting me with my past.

4. I left you because I realized every time we fought it was after you started drinking again. I can’t take it anymore.

5. When I left you, I wasn’t looking for someone better. I was just looking to be a little better off. You couldn’t bear my flaws.

6. Sometimes the people you love the most, turn out to be the people you can trust the least. I trusted you but you betrayed me and that’s why I had to leave you.

7. You have to understand that life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change, I hope you understand why I just had to leave you.

8. We all make mistakes, that’s why pencils have erasers. I left not because you are wicked but because I need to start a new life again.

9. I left you because I knew that it was time to move on and that I would never be happy with you.

10. I left you because I finally realized that the only person that could ever fix me, was myself.

11. I’ve had enough of your lies. I don’t regret leaving you and I don’t regret losing you.

12. The fact that you miss me proves that you cared and the fact I don’t miss you shows that I don’t love you. I left you for a reason, I hope one day, you come to understand that.

13. Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again! I’m sorry, I left you behind.

14. The people you’re supposed to love, should love you back. I left you not because I didn’t love you but because your heart is with someone else.

15. You forced me to leave. I stayed away from you because you kept pushing me. We cannot continue our relationship together if you cannot change your behaviour.

16. I left you because I didn’t want to live with someone who brought me down.

17. I deserve someone who can care for me. Not someone who doesn’t know how to love. You kept harping about the past and it just does not matter in the present. I just had to leave.

18. I’ve left you for good. I left you because, despite our love and care for each other, we couldn’t solve our problems.

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19. I had to leave. I couldn’t stay any longer. I was making myself miserable trying to stay in a relationship with you and it wasn’t what I wanted.

20. You were just one of the bad things I had to confront in my life. You were a bad thing and I’m grateful I got out of it.

21. I can’t take the drinking anymore. We always fight when you start drinking, and I don’t want to fight anymore.

22. I’m leaving you because you spend more time with old friends than you do with me. It’s unacceptable. I’m out.

23. When I said goodbye to you, I was simply looking for some improvement. You couldn’t handle my flaws, and I understand.

24. I didn’t leave you for someone else. I left because I was looking for something better than what I had with you. You were not able to deal with my issues, and that’s ok. I understand how hard it can be to love me unconditionally.

25. When we broke up, I didn’t want to be with someone better than you. I just wanted someone who could see me. I left because you weren’t seeing me.

26. I left because you weren’t meeting my needs. I wanted to be loved, but I wasn’t feeling that love. That’s why I chose to leave.

27. It’s true, I left you for a reason. You didn’t give me the love and affection I needed from you.

28. The people you love the most are often the ones you can trust the least. I trusted you but you betrayed me.

29. I left you for a reason and that’s because we’re not meant to be together forever.

30. You betrayed me. You broke my trust. Now we’re done. I’ve left and I am never coming back.

31. Life is about taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change. I have to leave you.

32. Trust your feelings, take chances, appreciate the memories, learn from the past. People change. I’m leaving you.

33. Life is hard. We try to find happiness and satisfaction and sometimes fail. People change. I can’t stay with you anymore.

34. It’s over. I can’t do this anymore. We need to stop pretending that we’re happy together. I have to leave you.

35. We all make mistakes. That’s why pencils have erasers. I left because it was time to move on and start a new life.

36. I’m not perfect. I’m far from it. I like to make mistakes. They inspire me and motivate me to learn more and do better. But sometimes you’ve got to erase the mistakes and start a new life again.

37. There was no way I was going to stay with you. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

38. I broke up with you because I thought it was time to move on. I knew I would never be happy with you, anyway.

39. That’s it. I was done, and it was time for me to move on. I would never be happy with you, so I left.

40. “It’s over. I’m not happy and haven’t been for a long time. There’s no point in pretending that we make each other happy. Our relationship has run its course, and it’s time to move on.”

41. I left you because I realized that the only person who can make me happy, is myself.

42. The reason I left you was that I realized I was the only person in my life that could help me is someone better than you.

43. I thought that you would be able to help me but I finally realized that there was nothing you could do; the only person in control of my fate is myself.

44. I’m not angry. I don’t blame you for moving on and I don’t regret moving on either. You weren’t right for me and that’s okay.

45. You lied to me every time you said you cared and every time you told me you loved me.

46. Loving you was the biggest mistake. Your heart will always be with someone else, so I left behind

47. I don’t want you anymore. You have chosen to love someone else instead of me. That is unacceptable.

48. You shouldn’t need to leave a relationship before your partner decides to love you back.

49. I left you for a reason, not because of something you did but because I deserved more.

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50. I left you for a reason because I was worth it. It wasn’t something you did wrong or lack, I just knew I deserved something better.

51. I am leaving in order to better myself. I don’t blame you for anything, as your intentions have always been good. But I deserve more.

52. I deserve more than you could ever offer me. I am entitled to better than what we had together. I choose myself first because I know my worth, and you will never be good enough for me.

53. I deserve to be happy, you deserve to be happy, and so I am letting you go.

54. I deserve someone who is committed to their own growth, someone who will know how to treat me the way I need to be treated and the way I deserve.

55. You can take care of yourself. You are the one woman in your life who you should never fail to treat right.

56. ​I am worthy of more and sometimes I just need to love myself. I will always continue to seek a future that makes me happy.

57. I can’t change the past, but I’m proud of who I am today and would never trade my experiences for anything.

58. I left you for a reason, not a season. You are not my priority, but an option.

59. I left you because I love myself because I don’t deserve what you were doing to me. These days I am my own priority, and happiness is my best option.

60. I realize now, maybe I am meant to be alone. I’m a strong person and I do not need anyone to make me happy. I am my own priority

61. You are my number one priority. A person can only treat you as well as you allow them to treat you.

62. I love you and respect you. I understand why we don’t work and that it’s not your fault. I choose to be happy and move on. I’m in charge of my own happiness.

63. I’m worthy of someone who lives for me. Someone who would go to the ends of the earth just to make me happy

64. I am focusing on the things that matter in my life and make me happy. I won’t take you for granted. I’m driven by passion and purpose.

65. I left you for a reason, not because of something you did but because of something I needed to do for myself.

66. I left you because I didn’t deserve to be belittled, put down or made to feel insecure. I left you because as much as I loved you, I hated me.

67. I learned to love myself and needed to leave you to do so. A relationship must be between two healthy people, not one carrier and one caretaker.

68. I love you and I will always love you. But I had to let you go because the one thing that would make me the happiest is knowing that you are happy.

69. I didn’t choose to stop loving you, I chose to tell myself that it was okay to accept less than my worth and I knew it was killing me so I had to leave.

70. I loved you, but that wasn’t enough to make me stay. I left because I didn’t want to hurt myself anymore.

71. I care about myself enough to know that I deserve the best. So I need to grow, and you are holding me back.

72. I have made a decision, put myself and my needs first, and I am not looking back.

73. I love myself, I’m worth it. My health is my priority and sometimes that means doing what’s good for me, not what’s easy.

74. It was time for me to fall in love with myself and to take care of myself. I realize now that it was the best decision I could have made.

75. I left you because I needed to find myself.

76. I will never forget the day I left you because I needed to find myself. I’m slowly learning that it’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll find yourself one day.

77. I left you because I knew I deserved better. We sacrificed my happiness for yours, but it ended up hurting both of us. It’s time for me to start feeling good about myself again.

78. I left you because I found peace. You were not my source of peace, and you can’t be anyone else’s either. You never deserved to go down that road with me.

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79. I’m on a journey to improving myself, so I need time alone. You’re important to me, but this is something I have to do for myself.

80. I know now that my first priority is to love myself, that all the healthy aspects of love are possible only when I commit to becoming a beautiful spirit. To that end I withdraw from your sphere, only to find myself again.

81. I love myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me, grows me, or makes me happy.

82. Even though it was hard, I had to be independent and understand myself before I could truly journey through life with anyone else.

83. I left you for a reason and that reason had nothing to do with you. It was about me being ready for something different.

84. You got left for a reason and that reason was not you. It was because I am ready to do something else.

85. I left you. It was my choice and I just thought we should both move on.

86. I’d been waiting for a long time for you to change, but it never happened. So, I left.

87. You’re the only woman I ever loved, but it was time to move on.

88. I don’t think I can ever love you the way you want me to. I love you, but not in a romantic way; well, not anymore.

89. I left you because I knew what was best for us. And that was me.

90. I broke up with you because I wanted to. That’s all. I wanted out, and it had nothing to do with you.

91. We had fun together, but our relationship needs to end. You’re not the one for me. I’m done trying to convince you otherwise.

92. I’ve always let you get away with the smallest things. When it was finally my turn to show you how much I cared about you, you took it for granted. I know that now, and I’m not going to let anyone else have the same fate.

93. I left you because I realized that your love was never going to be enough to make my life worth living. And that’s a very hard thing to realize about someone you love, especially when they’re doing their best.

94. Goodbye is the best I can do. Don’t be mad, don’t be sad, understand I still love you, just not enough to stay

95. The reason why I don’t talk to you is that I keep waiting for the moment that you’ll see how much I’ve changed and wanted me back.

96. If they’re not calling you, they’re busy. If they’re not texting you, they’ve got a lot going on. And if they’re not pursuing you, well, hey, it’s their loss.

97. I became tired of proving my love for you to you. When you stopped believing me, is when I knew I had to stop trying.

98. I left you because I became sick of trying to prove my love for you. When you stopped believing me, is when I knew that was enough.

99. I left you because I grew sick of your refusal to trust me. You can’t expect me to work so hard to prove something that should be obvious. And when you couldn’t see what should have been the most obvious thing in the world, is when I knew it was time for me to move on.

100. I’m doing you a favour. Nothing good ever came out of our relationship and I realized if we were going to make it work, it would have to be on my terms. So I left because I knew you didn’t believe me.

101. I didn’t leave you. You pushed me away. And it hurt. I gave up trying to make things work because of my control issues and lack of independence.

102. I didn’t leave you, you left me. I loved you with all my heart, but you never believed me. My only regret is believing in you.

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