The 15 Greatest Motivational Podcasts to Help You Live Your Best Life in 2022

So, why do you need motivational podcasts? We guess everyone in this world wants to deliver a specific message and change it if only you are not a couch potato…However, even if you are a couch potato, your soul still has this longing feeling that you should do something great in your life.

Therefore, to get the inspiration you might need to read some motivational quotes and podcasts. If you need to transcribe your speech to text, you will still need a source of inspiration, at least, to start doing something.

Check out our list of top 15 motivational podcasts to use if you want to influence others:

  1. Too smart for This

The host of this podcast is Alexis Barber who is a woman that navigates post-grad career, love, and life. You will get a little bit of everything in this podcast. She is a micro-influencer and marketing manager, so she gives unfiltered ideas of the best way to succeed in each industry. Also, she reveals the way women of color might be treated in every role. Use this podcast to get motivated and check out the surrounding quotes you need to be careful. Apart from interviews and episodes with various activists, career-chasers, and other influencers, she touches on such topics as setting goals, dating, and culture.

  1. Redefining Ambition

This podcast comes from The Woman’s Network. Even if you do not need transcription services, you can use this podcast because it connects college women with expert contacts to assist them in finding jobs. There are interviews with females in leadership roles in a variety of impressive companies. For example, Farah Mohamed from Malala Fund, Suzie Reider of Waze, Kathryn Ordower from Glossier, Meredith Gertler from HBO, and more. All of them share their personal career paths and experiences, targeting to inspire other ladies to reach professional success.

  1. The Percent Happier

From time to time, each one of us might need motivational quotes to feel alive. This podcast should be your number one priority if you need motivation with your meditation process. This app and podcast are hosted by ABC journalist Dan Harris who interviews mediation researchers and teachers to get to know their tips for a more exciting life. For instance, there are meditative practices by such experts as Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein. Here, you will get answers to your questions regarding creativity, productivity, and social anxiety. This is one of the most optimistic podcasts to use even if you do not need a transcription company, to sum up.

  1. Therapy for Black Girls
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Don’t worry if you need English audio text to be transcribed. With Transcriberry, you can easily do it. Therapy for Black girls is such a podcast that is a joy to listen to. Its host is Dr. Joy Harden Bradford who is a licensed psychologist. She focuses on personal development and mental health. She minds voices of women of color or black ones discussing such topics as transracial adoptions, gender identity, ADHD, and more. If you are not sure whether you need a motivation, find it here why you need it every day. Each episode last from 6 minutes to 1 hour. Therefore, you might choose the one you feel enough energy to listen to and concentrate on.

  1. Happier

The hosts and sisters of this podcast are Elizabethg Craft (writer and television series producer) and Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project). They claim to give entertaining, practical, and fast tips regarding the best way of living a happier life. So they have a look at everyday issues (how to give better gifts and declutter) and complicated philosophical ruminations (the best way to have difficult conversations or how to parent during the pandemic). Each episode is not long (2-3 minutes). As a result, you will get pieces of advice to reframe each situation. (If you need to transcribe audio text, choose Transcriberry). It is very easy to finish each podcast episode thanks to their short length.

  1.  Financial Feminist

Tori Dunlap is absolutely ferocious about finances. Thanks to her, women are empowered to take control over their financial issues. This lady is passionate about decoding difficult things and opens the world of managing finances to contemporary women. She managed to establish her expertise on TikTok (1.6 million followers). So if you need financial education, start with this podcast. Note that Transcriberry will help you with your text by their professional human transcribers in the most efficient way. Use this podcast together with Financial Feminist to have better life and fruitful results.

  1. Food Psych Podcast
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If you need some motivation in control of your body, follow this podcast up. The host is Christy Harrison who is author and registered dietician working on the best way to find balance between food intake and health. She is totally honest and sincere and introduces her personal journey that started with disorder eating, dieting, and becoming a journalist. It is very exciting to review each episode. She talks about anti-dieting pregnancy, intuitive eating, and the way each community relates to food.

  1. TED Health

TED Talks seems to be such a motivating type of content. TED Health is a podcast that offers the speech of famous speaker. There is a different speaker in each podcast, elaborating on various health topics like negative emotions, menopause, panic attacks, and nicotine addiction. Despite the fact that each episode do not give direct pieces of advice, there are specific facts to have better foundation to inspire you to have healthy eating habits. The length of each episode is from 10 to 30 minutes.

  1. Seeing Other People

The hosts of this podcast are Jonah Feingold and Ilana Dun (writer and social media manager). It seems that they were dating and transmit their relationships development in this podcast. The podcast elaborates on difficult relationships and weird contemporary dating routes that people face today like booty calls, dating apps, double texting, and more. Also, they break down complicated toipics like coming out, dating with chronic illness, and abortion.

  1. The Turn On

The hosts of this podcast are Kenrya and Erica. They lead approachable conversations about the things that get them off. The episodes are presented in form of interviews with experts on such topics as sexual difficulties, sex education, toys, and kinks. However, the best part of The Turn On is its unique structure. So that, firstly, you are supposed to read erotic literature piece and, secondly, listen to 2 talking people about the topics you find interesting.

  1.  ProdPod

ProdPod is a productivity podcast. There is someone who tells you how to be more productive at a specific amount of time. To be more precise, the episodes last for 2 minutes. There are more than 100 episodes to select from depending on the subject (how to overcome burnout, managing people). If you need a quick bite, this podcast is all bread and butter for you.

  1. A Slob Comes Clean
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If you are a perfectionist in everything you do, there is no podcast better than this if it comes to being tidy and neat. The host of this podcast is Dansa White (author, motivational speaker, and blogger). She is a slob and her mission is to share habits and tips that everyone can use practically. For instance, she helps declutter specific situations such as building cleaner habits or moving. Each family will benefit from this podcast’s pieces of advice.

  1. Shopify Masters

This podcast is ideal for those who look for starting their own business having little money. So every new entrepreneur can use these tips as long as it covers various topics like the best way to start online business, dropshipping, ecommerce, etc. Only successful entrepreneurs are interviewed to share their top tips, personal stories, and answer specific questions. All of them are relatable and worked hard to reach their business goals. This podcast is perfect for you, if you are seeking motivation to manage, start, or scale online business.

  1. The GaryVee Audio Experience

This is a hard-hitting and high-energy motivational podcast with content by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. He is popular for his SMM agency VaynerMedia. He publishes a lot of content every day. In this podcast, you will find advice, tactics, and tips to use in your business and marketing. Also, here you will find his views on successful mindset and life. Everyday new episodes are published and last from 3 minutes to 2 hours. The podcast might be listened on Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

  1. The School of Greatness

To gain inspiration and motivation from successful people, feel free to listen to this podcast. Lewis Howes, the host of this podcast, is an entrepreneur, All-American athlete, and New York Times best-selling author. He interviews successful individuals in science, entertainment, sports, business, and more. There are tips, techniques, and stories in each episode to inspire you lead and grow a better life. For instance, there are such topics covered as business, success, love, managing relationships, overcoming fear, and more. Every 2-3 days a new episode is released and lasts between 6 minutes to 1.5 hours long.

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