Waiting for Someone Special Quotes

Have you waited for your special someone to come into your life? Listened to an old tune waiting for them to call, cry when hearing a happy song because the lyrics connected with you.

We’re all out there somewhere, in some corner of the world, waiting for that special person to change our lives forever. It is really an experience you cannot define as it is, but you can be sure that a lot of weariness sets in the process.

When you find someone special, you’re sure to wait for them. Sometimes they never come, sometimes they do and everything changes. Sometimes they are there, but you choose to move on. Sometimes they stick with you no matter what. Love is powerful and most times powerful enough to tie you down waiting in hope for the arrival of that one you love.

If you’re waiting for someone special, you’ve probably been trying to find them irresistible quotes that will make them fall in love with you. Luckily, this will come easily if you grab the chance to scroll through the waiting for someone special quotes below.

Waiting for someone special is a state that keeps you in a state of many uncertainties, are you well prepared? are you going to be disappointed? Don’t be, your special person is around the corner.

1. Waiting for someone you care about can be a very frustrating process. You want them to arrive safely, but at the same time, you are worried about their well-being. You hope they are doing okay, but you also worry about the unknown.

2. Waiting is a hard thing. It’s especially hard when you know the person you love is being pulled away from you, most likely by people who don’t know what you do for them and how valuable they are to you.

3. Waiting can be one of the most frustrating parts of life. It’s especially frustrating when you really aren’t sure you are ever going to get to see someone you love again. In life, there are many moments we are waiting at. We could be waiting for someone we love, we could be waiting for the bus, we could be waiting for that promotion at work, we could be waiting for someone we love. When waiting for someone you love, the waiting can be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.

4. Waiting is hard. The anticipation is the hardest part. What will it be like when they return home? Will your loved one be hurt? Will they want to talk, or will they avoid you? Will there be more conversation? How will they act? Excitement? Will there be conflict? Excitement and conflict? Suspense?

5. It can be very stressful to wait for someone you love. You worry and wonder what they are doing and if they are having a good day. You ask yourself if they are safe. Maybe you call or text them, hoping for an answer. You don’t want to talk to them or you won’t know what to say.

6. Waiting for someone you love can be quite tiresome, it can be a trial time of despair and of uncertainties where you are not sure you would see your love again.

7. Waiting for someone you love can be quite tiresome. It can be a trial time of despair and uncertainties where you are not sure about your future together.

8. Waiting for someone you love can be quite tiring, but I am willing to wait with patience and certainty because I know we will meet again.

9. Waiting for someone you love can feel like the worst thing in the world. It’s truly a trial that tests your bravery, resilience, and patience. But it’s a challenge that you can overcome. Although it may feel at times like you won’t see them again, the hope of their return is stronger than any obstacle.

10. A time where my heart was filled with sorrow, for my beloved had not come home for so long. I felt despair, I felt doubts—I am not sure that I would see my love again.

11. Waiting for the one you love can feel like a lifetime. Remember to be strong and hold on to the memories you cherish and your future hopes and dreams.

12. What a lovely surprise to get a gift from the one you love! A great way to show affection and to strengthen your relationship!

13. My true love will come home soon and I will wait with a very open heart and a sweet smile.

14. I have always loved you and I’m waiting for you, here, where I know you will be coming back for me.

15. Waiting for someone you love is like waiting for rain in a drought. My thirst for you is strong, my love for you overwhelms me, my need for your sweet embrace always aches.

16. Every moment away from you is like an eternity. Time halts, my mind stops and I can think of nothing but you.

17. While I am addicted to seeing your smile, my life would be incomplete without it. I’ve never felt this way before. The butterflies in my stomach never go away.

18. Sometimes you just have to sit and wait for the one you love.

19. Wait for the person you love can be full of activities of sobriety and gloominess.

20. Waiting for the person you love can be full of sobriety and gloom but also activities to keep your mind off them.

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21. Waiting for the person you love can be an incredible experience that makes your heart beat fast and your palms feel sweaty. It’s a feeling of anticipation and excitement mixed with a little bit of nervousness, almost like waiting for Christmas morning as a child.

22. Waiting for the person you love can feel like every minute is passing by in slow motion. Heartache for the one you want consumes your daily activities; where you are just going through the motions until they return.

23. Waiting for your lover comes with these precious emotions and moments.

24. Do not get sad; you wait for a person full of surprises and with whom you will fall in love again and again.

25. Waiting for the one you love is filled with twinkly starlight and flowing champagne. Find your person, and never let them go.

26. The wait for the love of your life can be an inspiration for countless poems, songs, and wishes. Love is poetry, rainbows, butterflies, and fireworks in your heart.

27. The anticipation of love is full of pain and sorrow. Waiting can last a lifetime.

28. You always miss the one you love. You can’t stop thinking about them, even when you have fun with your friends, they are always present in your mind.

29. Whether his faults or his strengths, I need him. I need him to be together with me.

30. Being without the person you love can be a difficult experience.

31. The best love stories are the long ones — with years of waiting, longing, and being patient.

32. Waiting for someone you love is like waiting for the messianic reign

33. You feel your soul smiling. And all you want is to keep hearing and seeing that smile for the rest of your lives together

34. The best way to spend an evening is waiting for someone you love to come back home when in reality it’s their arms that bring you the most comfort.

35. Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say “I love you” but not everyone can wait and prove it’s true.

36. Missing the person you love can be a sad feeling, but you have to understand that absence means nothing when someone means everything.

37. I’m waiting for you. If a wait seems endless, it’s because we fail to realize that love is worth the wait.

38. After a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh and you are just fond of waiting for that one person you love.

39. How have I loved thee, let me count the ways.

40. I’m always waiting for you. And I’ll be waiting, no matter how long it takes. One day you’ll be back in my arms.

41. Waiting for the day when someone you love would come back home and be your sweetheart again is a romantic project.

42. Yearning for the day when your sweetheart will return to your arms is a romantic undertaking.”

43. Waiting for the day when that someone you love will finally come home to your arms again is not an easy project. Don’t forget to take some time to pamper yourself with self-love and self-care, too.

44. Waiting for that day when you’ll finally be reunited with the one you love feels like an eternal quest, but it’s a romantic one.

45. You are the love of my life and I just can’t wait for the day when you will be back in my life once again.

46. There is nothing like the feeling of a loved one coming home. It’s the new beginning everyone deserves. And it’s the main theme of romance.

47. When you truly love someone, that person is constantly in your thoughts. Whether you are apart for a short time or for long months, the longing never goes away.

I am waiting for someone special who loves me and cares for me, that special person who would give their best to see that I am fine, that special person that I would carry in the chambers of my heart dearly.

48. I am waiting for someone special to come along and see that I am worth loving, I am holding back on my feelings because I want to feel like you are the one. Baby come find me.

49. Baby, come find me. I’m holding back and waiting for you, so you know that I’m not just anyone. I want to feel like you’re the one.”””

50. I’m waiting for you, my special someone. Will you be the one to see me for who I am and love me no matter what? I’m holding back my true feelings, but now it’s time. Baby come find me!

51. I am waiting for you to come and see me. Come find me and I will show you how special you are to me and why I love everything about you.

52. I can’t deny that I want you but I know that these nights alone, are keeping me from something more. I wonder if you feel the same things for me, but I just don’t know.

53. I have fallen for you, and I am waiting for you to find me. I am longing for you to take my breath away.

54. The thought of you turns my day into night, the wait becomes long when I think you might never come to me, but no worries here. I’ll just keep your spot warm with all the love inside my heart that is waiting for you.

55. I’ve got my eye on you. I know we’re meant to be together. When are you gonna stop teasing and come out to play?

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56. I’m lonely. Come find me.

57. Right now, I’m not looking for anything serious. But if you are the right guy, I’ll fall hard, fast, and deep. Will you be the one to catch me?

58. You have illuminated my world like the first star at dusk after a long, dark night. I have been patient, and now my love will be rewarded.

59. When the right person comes along, everything will just make sense. I’m going to wait until that happens so that I know it’s real.

60. I am waiting for someone special, someone who will love me even when I’m pissy, grumpy and can’t find anything in my hair.

61. I’m waiting for someone to take me in their arms and love me for who I am, even when I’m being pissy, grumpy, and can’t find anything in my hair.

62. I am waiting for someone special, someone who will love me even when I’m moody, unshowered and frustrated.

63. I am waiting for someone special, someone I can curl up with, read and laugh with. Someone who won’t mind my odd socks or that I went for three days without a shower.

64. Are you my prince charming, who’ll love me even when I’m at my worst?

65. I’m waiting for the one who wants to wake up each morning and fall asleep wrapped in the arms of someone special.

66. I am waiting for an exceptional man who will make me shiver with excitement, make me laugh uncontrollably, and who will love me simply because I’m me.

67. I want you to love me even on my bad days. I want to feel the warmth from the way you look at me. If you love me when I’m wrinkly, then I’ll be with you until we are both doddery and senile.

68. I’m looking for someone with whom I can share all of the adventures life has to offer, the good and the bad.

69. I am waiting for the true love that is missing in my life.

70. Every time I think about finding someone to spend the rest of my life with, I get so scared. How do I know that you are the one? What if I choose the wrong person?

71. I’m trying to figure out how to be completely and unabashedly vulnerable with a stranger. I’m not quite sure yet how I do that, but I will figure it out.

72. You were made to be mine.

73. I am saving my love for someone special. So I am waiting… If he doesn’t come soon, I’ll die!

74. I am saving my love for someone special. Is that you? If not, will you let me know?

75. Love is a magical thing, so I desire to save my love for the man of my dreams. If he doesn’t hurry up and appear, then perhaps I’ll die from a lack of passion.

76. I’m saving my soul for one person, until then I’ll wait. I have no choice but to love you passionately and unconditionally

77. I want you. I dream of you. I will die if you don’t come soon.

78. My heart aches to find real love, but my soul is restless as I wait. Please come quickly, my love.

79. My true love, I give you my whole heart. Come and fill me with your love and passion. I will wait for you always.

80. My love is like a fire. And you’ve just started it. I’m ready to burn my whole life to be with you.

81. I’m waiting for someone who answers my prayers. Someone who is kind, loving, and wants to be with me forever.

82. In a world filled with love, I’m in search of that one special person who can make my heart full of passion.

83. When I met you, I knew our love was special. My heart has never known happiness like this before.

84. I am a bright, sensual woman who will not regret the chance to share my love with someone special. I have a lot of feelings and dreams, which will come true in the arms of my beloved.

85. I know your love is out there, just waiting to be discovered. I’m saving my heart for you and nothing will ever stop me from finding you.

86. I have so many things I want to say to you, but I don’t know where to start. I guess I will just list a few. I am madly in love with you. You Are the love of my life. I would do anything for you. So many times, I just want to tell the world that you are mine and only mine, I love you so much.

87. As I sit here waiting for you, my love for you grows deeper. I wonder if you feel the same way. My heart flutters with excitement each time I get your text messages saying that you love me and can’t wait to see me again. I am almost at the point of not being able to take it another minute. […] The next time our paths cross, I plan on spending all the time in the world with you ♡ – Karen

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88. My love for you grows stronger every single day and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

89. If you find someone who loves you the way I love you, then hang on. Never let go. My love for you has no boundaries, no limits, and no conditions. It’s mine, it’s pure, it’s unconditional, and it’s yours as long as you want me!

90. If you find someone who loves you as I do, never let go! Love knows no boundaries, no limits, and no conditions. It’s pure, it’s permanent and I’m yours as long as you want me.

91. You are the reason I have loved you, I will love you, and I will love you without boundaries, limits or conditions. My love is yours forever.

92. My love for you expands every day. It’s beyond the stars and sky; it’s nothing like I’ve ever felt before. My love for you is as simple as your smile and as complex as the universe itself. It is absolute, complete, and forever (absolutely!).

93. If you find someone who showers you with respect, care, and affection, never let that person go. You’ve found true love. It’s real and it lasts forever

94. When we are together, everything seems perfect. When you smile and when you laugh, my heart is at ease. You’re the love I’ve been looking for all my life, please don’t let go.

95. I love you more than there are stars in the sky and waves in the ocean. I love you as far as I can reach, and even farther. Your love is what fuels my spirit, soothes my soul and makes me feel like nothing else matters. You are my reason for living, and I will always be yours.

96. I want to love you gently and treat you with respect. I want to bring you joy and make you feel like the lucky person that you are. You’re the only one that I see and the only one I want.

97. I love you because no matter what happens, every day you make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I love you because when I wake up in the morning, I look forward to starting a new day with you all over again. I love you because you have this amazing ability to make me laugh and smile without even trying.

98. I want to love you for the rest of my life. I want our relationship to be so beautiful that everyone looks at us and says: ‘Wow, that’s what I want!’

99. I want us to grow old together, I want us to be more in love and happy than we ever thought possible. I want our relationship to be so beautiful that everyone looks at us and says: ‘Wow, that’s what I want!’

100. I want us to be together forever, loving each other and building a beautiful future. I picture us being so happy that when others see how close we are they say: “That is what I want!”

101. I want us to be the envy of everyone we know. I want our love to be so strong that everyone stops and looks at us and says, “That’s what I want. My goal is for our relationship to evoke wonder and awe within ourselves every day. I want our affection for each other to be endless and unconditional.

102. I want to be with you forever, our relationship is so beautiful that everyone looks at us and admires how lucky we are.

103. I love you and want to grow old with you. You are my heart, my soul, and everything in between. I am so happy because I can call you mine.

104. I love you. I can’t help it. I was made for you and everything about me wants all of you: your lips, your body, your soul…

105. I’ve been waiting for you all my life. You are the only one who understands me; you are my soulmate. I love to wake up to see your beautiful smile, and then fall asleep in your arms.

106. I want that when we’re together, everything in the world is forgotten, and I just hold you tight in my embrace and everything is wonderful again.

107. My love, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want to make you happy. I want to make you laugh. You are my soulmate.

108. The roses in my garden may fade and die, but nothing can compare to your beauty. You are perfect in every way to me. Your hair, your eyes, your smile…all I need is you.

109. I promise to always love you, to be understanding, and to be there for you when you need me.

110. Love is something that shows itself in many forms. Whether it’s a grand gesture—or a small, simple moment—those beautiful connections and bonds never cease to amaze us.

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If you are looking for a person who will make you happy the rest of your life, then don’t look now, be patient and wait for the one who will give you the true love and passion you deserve.

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