You Are a Great Artist Quotes

We are all artists, and our lives are our blank canvases. What’s interesting is that people don’t always see this in their lives. They view life as a series of drab and dreary events that don’t leave much room for creativity or personal expression.

If you doubt yourself being a great artist, you would often lose focus and be disheartened because of the challenges that come with being an artist. There will be times you will feel like giving up.

I know there will be times in your life when you will feel insecure and wonder if you’re on the right path. So here are a few you are a great artist quotes to help keep you going and to remind you that failure isn’t an option!

Below are the motivations that you need to stay focused. This is where you need to remind yourself that, more than anything else, you are a great artist.

You have a unique way of expressing yourself through art. You’re a great artist. It can be tough to be yourself sometimes, but don’t let that change you. Never let anyone tell you that your art isn’t good enough. You are amazing.

1. You are a great artist. Your art is a gift to the world. Your work will inspire others and change lives. Share your art today!

2. You were born an artist, with a unique and special gift to share. So go out there, start creating, and don’t stop being a great artist!

3. You can do anything you set your mind to. You have the skill and the talent to turn your dreams into reality. Keep going! Never give up! You are a great artist!

4. I understand that sometimes you feel like nobody appreciates your art. Keep on creating! You are truly a great artist!

5. You are the best, there is no one better. Keep on creating! Your work is inspiring!

6. I understand that a lot of hard work goes into creating art, and I thank you for your time and effort. Continue to create, express yourself, and be the best artist you can be.

7. When you create art, you reveal a piece of who you are. It’s amazing that you can see the world from your point of view. Keep on creating!

8. You have an imagination that captures the essence of life. Keep on doing your thing. Your expression is as unique as you are.

9. All of your hard work and dedication will pay off. Keep being a great artist.

10. Your art brings others happiness. The world is a better place because of people like you. Keep being great!

11. You are a great artist and you deserve to be recognized for your work.

12. You are a great artist to the world. It is your duty to make sure its beauty doesn’t escape you.

13. You’re a great artist. Keep going and never stop creating, even when nobody else seems to understand what you do.

14. Your work is one to be admired. You see things differently than the rest of us, and that is what makes you a great artist.

15. You are a great artist. Push yourself to find your voice!

16. You are a great artist. Your painting will improve. Yeah, I said it. You gotta have faith that you can do this thing—that you can get better and you will improve.

17. Your worth is not based on what the world says, but on how you define yourself. You are a wonderful artist.

18. Create in a way that makes you happy and that you’ll enjoy, even if no one ever sees it. You are a great artist.

19. You are a great artist. And you’re brave. And original. And interesting. You’re incredibly talented and incredibly special, and the world needs your art. We need your art.

20. Don’t let the doubters get you down. Always remember, you are a great artist—even if they don’t see it yet.

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21. You are a great artist. Go ahead and make the art you’ve always wanted to make. You might even impress yourself.

22. You are a great artist. Put your pen to the page, your hands on the clay, and create something wonderful.

23. You are a great artist—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

24. You are a great artist because you believe in yourself. You are a great artist because you believe in your talents and abilities. You are a great artist because all is within you, waiting to come out.

25. You are a great artist, not great because of your technique; You are great because of your passion.

26. Practice your art every day. Embrace criticism. Study the masters. Never stop learning, never stop improving. Keep being great!

27. You are a great artist. You are a great inventor. You are a great leader. You are a great storyteller. You have greatness inside you right now, just waiting to burst out!

28. You are a great artist because you never stop learning.

29. You’re a great artist, you just don’t know it yet.

30. You have a great artist living inside you. Tap into your creativity, cultivate it with dedicated work, and let it loose.

31. You are a great artist. You create. Out of nothing you make miracles. You know the possibilities are endless. They’re so far beyond what we see and what we know, that even the experts can only imagine. So keep on, creating your art. Keep on touching us with it, and telling us who you are.

32. You are a great artist because you love deeply, strive greatly, dream big, laugh uncontrollably, live freely and love truthfully.

33. You are a great artist because you appreciate the beauty of things.

34. You are a great artist because you love humanity, and in your art, you try to communicate the ideals of beauty, aspiration and achievement.

35. You are a great artist. You can make of your life anything you want.

36. You’re a great artist, your work is going to fill the world. Believe in yourself!

37. You are a great artist, you are. Never forget how great you are.

38. You’re a great artist. Keep becoming a great one! Unleash your inner creative beast, and expand your skill set.

39. You are a great artist of your own life and your only limitation is the one you set for yourself.

40. You are a great artist—and you can paint your life into one masterpiece after another.

41. Many people are great at being artists. But only a few are able to live and breathe art as beautifully as you. Keep being great!

42. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not great at what you do. Keep creating, you are awesome!

43. Dedicate yourself to constant and never-ending improvement by practising daily with focus. You’re a great artist.

44. You are a great artist. Don’t let anyone tell you different…Keep being a great artist!

45. Your work is amazing. Keep making the world a more beautiful place. Keep being great!

46. You are a great artist. Keep showing the world your art and who you are!

47. Keep on doing what makes you happy. Keep being a great artist!

48. You are a great artist and you are going to do amazing things with your talent.

49. I am really proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Keep being a great artist, and remember to have a lot of fun too!

50. Just keep on being a great artist, no matter what other people tell you.

51. You are an incredible artist, and sometimes it’s hard to be creative. It is understandable to need a break, but don’t give up your work is incredible!

52. You are a great artist because you found your voice, and honed it into something beautiful and unique. Keep being a great artist.

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53. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel small. And, keep being a great artist.

54. Just wanted to let you know, that you are a great artist with a bright future ahead. Keep it up!

55. Don’t be afraid to let your boldest ideas fly and your weirdest thoughts run. You’re a great artist, just keep being you.

56. You’re an artist, a great one! You embrace your inner soul, passion, and dreams. Stay strong and keep creating.

57. You are a great artist… You keep being a great one. The best is yet to come. Be bold, be brave and stay focused.

58. Keep being a great artist. Work hard, keep learning, and never stop creating.

59. Being a great artist is no easy feat. It takes a certain blend of dedication, creativity, and hard work. It’s best of luck great one!

60. You’re doing a great job. It’s important that you keep succeeding. You have the potential. Keep being a great artist.

61. Your artwork is absolutely beautiful. I’m glad you were able to be such an awesome and great artist.

62. Way to go! You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work and stay focused. You are a great artist!

63. Keep being an excellent artist and make sure to give yourself a little pat on the back sometimes!

64. You are a great artist with a unique and meaningful skill. Your art is important to you, your community and the world.

65. It’s important to believe in yourself, even when others don’t. You are a great artist, regardless of what they say or think.

66. You are a great artist. That’s it. Resist the urge to compare yourself with other artists and just relax and focus on what you do best.

67. You are a brilliant artist. You don’t need to compare yourself with others to improve. You just need to focus more on your work, develop new skills, and keep moving forward in life.

68. You are an amazing artist. What makes you unique is your ability to do what you do best without getting distracted or comparing yourself with others.

69. Every great artist had to start somewhere. Nobody becomes a success overnight. Remind yourself of this when you feel like your efforts aren’t paying off.

70. Your talent is unique, so trust your instincts and be confident in your style. You’re a great artist.

71. You are a great artist, do not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. You have the talent and skill to turn your dreams into reality. As long as you keep trying, never give up, you’ll get there.

72. Great artists have the courage to turn their dreams into reality—you are a great artist.

73. Some people can paint. Some people can sing. You can create art. Because you are a great artist who deserves to be celebrated!

74. Even though you’ve been working hard, it can be tough to remember why you started. Remind yourself: you’re a great artist. Don’t stop now!

75. Don’t let anyone steal your artistic dreams. They are yours alone and you have the skill, talent and imagination to make them a reality. Stay positive and enjoy the journey! You are a great artist.

76. The sun may set, but you will never be forgotten. Your story will inspire many generations to come. Be forever remembered as a great artist.

77. Great artists are always ahead of their time and their work is misunderstood until generations after they are gone. That painter, sculptor, writer… they were all great artists. And you? You’re a great artist too. Keep creating!

78. There will always be someone that doesn’t believe in you, an opportunity waiting for you to prove them wrong. You are a great artist. Believe in yourself!

79. I know this might sound like a cliche, but it’s true: You are a great artist. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.

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80. Don’t let the haters and non-believers minimize your greatness. You are a great artist, stay strong.

81. Don’t let criticism, negativity or pessimism hold you back from your dreams and goals. You are an amazing artist, no matter what anyone says.

82. It’s hard to believe in yourself when no one else does—including yourself. But you’re a great artist because you’re you, and that’s what makes you unique!

83. It’s easy to get distracted by other people’s opinions. Don’t let yourself be consumed by that noise. Stay true to your craft…and never stop believing in yourself. You are a great artist.

84. Don’t listen to the critics. You are a great artist.

85. When everyone tells you that you cannot draw, paint, or design, just ignore them and keep creating art. You are a great artist.

86. Creating art is hard. Creating art when you’re not getting validation from others? Even harder. But you know what? You are a great artist.

87. You’re a great artist. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Even if they aren’t any good at art themselves, even if their critique isn’t constructive, and even if their opinion doesn’t matter to you. Keep following your passion.

88. It’s important to keep working hard, despite the criticism you will inevitably receive. You’re a great artist anyway.

89. Be in the shadows no longer. You are a great artist. There is no denying that, now be proud of it and show your work to the world.

90. Don’t be shy. You are a great artist. There’s no denying it now. You deserve respect and success.

91. Don’t be a nobody. You are an amazing artist and the world needs to know that. Don’t hide in the shadows, they need to see you and your work.

92. Be proud. You are an amazing artist. Spread your work to the world and reap the rewards from all of your hard work.

93. Be proud of yourself and show the world what you can do. Your talent is undeniable. You are an artist.

94. You have great talent. That is undisputed. Let others appreciate your work and allow yourself the fulfilment that it brings. Keep being a great artist.

95. People need to see your work. Put yourself out there and then watch the world take notice. You’re a great artist.

96. Your work is amazing. You are better than even you know, stronger than you believe, and smarter than you think. Your creativity sets you apart from the crowd, your playful heart gives you the ability to share more love with the world. Keep being a great artist.

97. Don’t let others’ opinions drown out your own self-evaluation. You are a great artist, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

98. You are a great artist. Don’t let anyone persuade you out of that.

99. You are a great artist. Stay true to yourself and keep on creating.

100. Believe in yourself. Know your worth and know you are great. Because at the end of the day, it’s your talent that should stand out, not what others think of you.

101. Art is a reflection of who you are. It doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s never finished. There will always be room for more art and even more improvements. Never feel down about yourself and your artwork. You are a great artist, remember that.

102. You are a great artist. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently. You have the soul of an artist, and it shines out of you every time you make something. Don’t let anyone put a damper on that light that illuminates your soul.

Let me know what you think of these you are a great artist quotes in the comment section, will you? Thank you for reading, please share this post with your loved ones before you go.

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