A Man Without Faith Quotes

Faith is important when it comes to our sense of self-worth and confidence. Without faith in ourselves and the ability to trust the decisions we make, we won’t be able to trust ourselves or even supernatural creatures like God.

Faith in God is the most important thing when it comes to living a fulfilled, successful and happy life on earth. You can not imagine how lonely and frustrating it must be to not believe in yourself or others. That is simply a man without faith.

Well, I can tell you right now that if you are such a man without faith in anything, then, your life will be full of negative energy and stress. This is the kind of trouble you never want to get into, so it’s best to stick with what or who you believe in. I know you want to be free of stress and also successful. Don’t you?

To achieve great success, below are timeless and thought-provoking a man without faith quotes at your disposal for you to make use of and wake up to having faith in you towards whatever comes your way in any situation whatsoever.

A man without faith is like a fish out of water, he suffers not only from too little oxygen but also from thinking he should be swimming somewhere else inevitably. A man without faith means a man who does not put his faith into action.

1. A man without faith, whether it be in himself, his family, or the world around him: is a man who has nothing left but the void of despair and hopelessness.

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2. A man without faith is like a ship without a rudder: he will founder and sink in a stormy sea of care, anxiety, disappointment and failure.

4. A man without faith is a man who forgets that even when he remains faithless, God remains faithful.

5. A man without faith is an animal, and an animal has no more reason than a man without faith.

6. A man without faith is like a ship without a rudder or sails. He is tossed to and fro by the waves of life, not knowing where he is headed.

7. A man without faith is like a house without wood.

8. A man without faith cannot be trusted to move mountains. That sort of a man who doesn’t believe in himself and in God above must have good muscles, plenty of nerve, and no brains.

9. A man without faith is a man without magic. He sees the illusion of truth but has no power to change it into reality. A man faithful to his dreams will open up his eyes one day and realize that all of the things in his head were not illusions after all. He will understand that life is a certain thing and once you embark on your journey, there is no going back.

10. A man who lives with no faith will continue to live in his own world and prefer to not face reality.

11. A Man Without faith, is like a ship without an anchor. It drifted out to sea. and it will get washed to shore with the waves of life. But a man (or woman) with faith is like a tree that stands tall in the midst of strong winds, or a ship anchored in the harbour. With faith, we are never alone – no matter what storm is ahead of us.

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12. A man without faith cannot live. He will die spiritually, and the chances are that he won’t be above ground long enough to get cold.

13. A man without faith will not be concerned with what is right and wrong, but only with what is useful to himself; there will be no goal of the future which he can be looking forward to.

14. A man without faith cannot work in the service of God. He can neither believe nor obey. He cannot love nor hope. He is a stranded wolf in the world, without a sense of direction or purpose. Faith is not even an extra blessing in life: it is the basic and essential possession of every human being.

15. A man without faith will not delight in the world created by God. Nor will he find joy and peace in these things, because they carry with them the imprint of their Creator.

16. Man without faith cannot live courageously, and cannot see things through to the end. He can only undergo and suffer.

17. A man without faith will do no great exploits. He knows how to employ his strength alone.

18. A man without faith has no seed of greatness in him, and great works spring from seeds of faith.

19. A man without faith is like a boat without an anchor or a sheep without a shepherd — drifting. Faith is the cornerstone of all religions, the base of any belief. Without faith, how do you trust your actions and beliefs? How can you be certain what you see is real?

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20. Man without faith is a man without a compass, with no goal. And such a life is either meaningless or hopeless.

21. A man without faith cannot live. But a man who has lost his faith can still live.

22. A man without faith is like a ship without a sail.

23. A faithless man has no respect for rules, nor for God, nor for other people’s opinions of me.

24. A man without faith is a man without hope. His life is one of drudgery and disappointment, however big his bank account is.

25. A faithless man is a man that is feeling angry about how slowly God is moving in his life

26. A faithless man is someone who lacks faith or trust in something.

27. A faithless man is a man whose heart is not in his work.

28. A faithless man is a man that has not experienced the power of the supernatural and still believes he does not exist.

29. A faithless man has a dead faith and the death of hope follows hard on its heels.

30. A man without faith is not a man that does not have a lack of opportunities around him but a lack of faith within him.

I am too sure that this nice collection of inspirational thoughts in quotes will help you hold fast your faith, find purpose in life, be more positive, and give you endless pleasure knowing that you are alive and able to enjoy every moment of your life.

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