Inspirational Quotes About Hope for the Future

Hope is the most important key to a better world. It is the only force capable of transforming people, governments, and global relationships. Positive hope for the future alleviates much of today’s pain, fear, anxiety, and suffering. When we choose hope over hopelessness, good things begin to happen. The more we let our hopes be lifted by something greater than ourselves, the more we unite to make it happen.

A lack of hope is a lack of purpose to get up in the morning and a lack of purpose to follow your dreams. It’s a lack of reason to look forward to tomorrow because you can’t see your future. It’s a feeling of being stuck at the moment and not having any faith that things will improve.

Hope gives us contentment when we are suffering and makes us feel grateful for what we have when we feel like we have nothing. It’s a promise for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol that they can beat their addiction and move on to a better life. For those who are lonely, it gives them confidence that their loneliness will soon be over and they’ll be in the arms of someone who loves them.

In the end, what really matters is not what happens in our lives but how we respond — with love and hope. We can choose to look at what’s going on around us with eyes of compassion and respond with understanding, kindness, and nonviolence. This will build new realities that bring peace, contentment, and happiness.

Hope is an essential ingredient for daily living and one that no one should ever be without. Here below are inspirational quotes about hope for the future you’ll definitely like.

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something by hoping for a better future. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.

1. Hope is our best direction in the path we walk to find our way in life, we can’t see what is ahead, but we have to have faith and it’s in having faith that we can fly.

2. I have hope in tomorrow because tomorrow will be better than today, hope was born with faith and hope is the faith of the heart.

3. You are born with a certain amount of hope in your life. You can choose to believe that your life will be horrible, or you can choose to believe that it will be wonderful. It all depends on you.

4. When hope is lost, there is still hope and when hope is gone, there is still hope, if you can’t see hope, that’s a good sign you’ve lost it completely. It’s up to you to make a difference.

5. We can not fight with the wind, so we must fight with our will, no matter how hard it may be we must keep our faith and hope alive.

6. The future is never set in stone, it is always changing and growing, and it is always changing and growing, and it’s not what we have, but what we believe.

7. When you are done with your shadow and you feel foolish when you are living with your enemy when you are tired of the way your life is going, and you don’t know what to hope for.

8. Things will happen, if you let them, even the dullest of days can be a good day and that’s if you’re willing to shine and hope for the best.

9. I have hope within my heart, I have hope within my soul, I have hope within my mind, and that means I have hope for the future.

10. My future is secure, with the hope that I hold, and the hopes of the ones I love, my future is bright.

11. Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.

12. No matter how bleak the present, we can take hope for the future, which brings us to the end of our day, and it is a day when we should strive to plan for our future.

13. Never give up, never give in, never quit, and never surrender, there is always hope, it is a way to see and a way to live, it’s a way of life, and it’s a way to soar.

14. Hope is not a belief, it’s a feeling, a state of mind, there’s no right time for when it’s right, just find your inspiration and it will be right.

15. The future, that’s what we need to make the present, all our dreams and wishes are right here, it’s not what the future holds that we long for, it’s where the present is that we should be.

16. I won’t give up, I won’t lose faith, I won’t let the world define my dreams, I will dream – I will live, I will love and never be afraid.

17. When you’re feeling down, hope is the only thing that can make you feel better, hope is the only thing that can help you see the light, so go on and dream, because the future is what you make of it.

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18. The future is the most wonderful place to visit, and the most horrible place to stay. You see, it all depends on your point of view.

19. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

20. Hoping for the future is nothing to be ashamed of, and we all know who has the right to hope.

21. If you can dream, dream now, if you can think, think about how, how you’ll achieve that dream.

22. We must not let this loss of life disrupt our future goals and dreams. The future is what we make it. A time for a future celebration.

23. I’m hanging on for the future to keep my head up high, I’m hoping for the future to help me survive now.

24. We all have our dreams, and hopes for a better tomorrow, but the only way to make them come true is to hold on and surrender to the plan.

25. Hope is like a little flame, it keeps us warm till the sun rises, when we’re lost in the darkest night, it’s a reason to find our way again.

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences. Hoping for the future is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

26. Hope is like raindrops, one by one, falling on the windowpane. One day, the sun comes out, and you don’t know how but the raindrops have disappeared.

27. Hope is the only thing that will set you free, when hope is gone life is just a game in a world that’s not your own.

28. The future is a journey, a quest, a race, with no finish line and no clear starting point. It is a journey that takes you to places you could never see otherwise. Each step you take brings you to places you could explore.

29. Hope is what makes the best of times the best and the worst of times the worst.

30. The unknown is the scariest part about the future, for the unknown is when you have hope for the future. So when the future looks dark and uncertain I’m reminded of the truth that no matter what happens hope is never lost.

31. I’ll never give up my hope, and I’ll always look to the future with a rose in my heart, because right now, hope is the only way, to reach my dreams and accomplish my desires.

32. I hope, I hope the moon and stars shine bright on me, I hope for the sun and moon, I hope for the best to come.

33. The future holds a hope for me that I can’t deny, and if I’m honest I might say that I feel I’ve always had.

34. Hope is not a strategy it’s a feeling of knowing, that all hope is a possibility, that all hope is in the future.

35. “one day at a time” is all we can do, so keep moving forward till you get to the end, don’t be down, don’t be sad, just keep moving forward.

36. Hope is a powerful word; It can make the darkest night, more light than the brightest day. So hold on to hope and never let it go.

37. If you can dream, dream now if you can think, think about all that still awaits you, and live like your life was meant to be.

38. The future is an unknown road, so we can only guess, but in our hearts we know, we will find our way, and there’s no way back, except for that which we choose.

39. The future is written, the future is waiting, to help us make the best choices, so that we’ll try our best to be strong.

40. If you can dream, dream now, if you can think, think about how, how you’ll achieve that dream and fly like the butterfly you were meant to be.

41. When we are at our worst, that is when we need hope the most because this is the one thing we have to help us go through life.

42. There are two things that can help in life’s worst hour, they are hope and love, and the one is just as rare as the other.

43. If you want to find happiness, do it all the time.

44. Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul. And sings the tune of simple folk from out of the crippling night of a life that has lost its way.

45. In life everyone is looking for something. Something to believe in and fight for. Something to give you hope when the world seems hopeless and your dreams have faded away. In order to succeed it is important to have hope and dreams for the future

46. I have faith in my dreams, even if they don’t come true, I have faith in my future even if it’s not mine to choose, and I have faith in the power of hope – that’s the one thing in this world that can help you scale through.

47. Hope is magic that sometimes seems to be the only way.

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48. Dreaming is not a luxury; It is a necessity to our lives, for no one can live in darkness forever. And no one can live in the shadows forever.

49. Thereʻs hope for the future, it’s gonna be a great day, and hope is what makes it all so that one day will never end.

50. Hope is the most powerful force in the world. It makes the impossible possible…

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind, thus the need to always hope for the future.

51. Hope is a powerful thing we can’t see the future storm and clouds but we can see the stars shining, thoughts of the sun always shine brighter, looking for a better day.

52. The future is not a guaranteed thing, we cannot take it for granted, but we can hope that things will be, and we can dream that things will be better.

53. Hope is the thing with feathers, you never know what’s around the corner. Hope is a smile and a sun that shines on everything, and a heart is a place where feelings live, and love is the only light that never grows dim.

54. All our futures are ahead of us, but we cannot see them, and the darkest journey requires the greatest strength.

55. Hope is a powerful thing, like a comet on its way. It’s what keeps us going, through the times that we feel we’re down.

56. When hope returns, love is strong, and it should be so because it is not the time to give up its the time to draw a line.

57. What I am most certain of is that we’re going to be okay if we keep hoping for the future.

58. Hope is a powerful force. It can heal your mind and help you overcome the pain of the past, the future is yours, which will bring you the joys for doing your best.

59. The future holds a certain sadness, there are tears in the sky, and the world will not be the same, in the future, things would always seem different.

60. Hope is a thinking man’s dream, and the dream of a thinking man is the truth.

61. The future is a dream yet to be realized, it is the hope of what is to come, and the desire to reach for the stars, and be a part of the future.

62. Hope is a four-letter word. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s in places we least expect, and I know, when I’m weak, I still find some strength, to carry on and have faith in my dreams.

63. Hope’s a flower that blooms in the winter, it’s a beauty that blooms in the gloom, so I’ll keep hope in my heart, for the future is a place no man has seen.

64. A new day is rising, each day can be a new start, you can hope for a brighter future, for the hearts you hold so dear.

65. I think about my future, looking forward to that day when I will reach the top of the hill, where the sun will be my friend.

66. Tomorrow is another day, I’ll greet the day with a smile if it’s a good and sunny day, then I know it’s the start of a brand new day.

67. Hope is believing the future is bright, it is a dream, a spark to ignite the flame that’ll burn through all the darkness and give a glimmer of light.

68. I found a path that led me on a journey through the woods to a new light that shone in my path and my steps were guided by hope.

69. I believe that hope can make us fall, but hope is the flimsiest thing we ever have, but what if you will achieve it?

70. A little hope and faith is better than a lot of knowledge, and dream as if you’re falling, dream as if you’ll never wake.

71. We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

72. Hope is believing the future is bright. We all have problems to solve, the need for strength, courage, and skill.

73. Every man and woman, has their own hopes, and a different destiny. If we believe in our dreams, they will come true.

74. Hoping for the future is one thing that can help us through the darkest times. Hope is believing the future is bright, a spark of hope, a light in the night, a moment of hope, a glimmer of light.

75. Hope is believing the future is bright, so I’m going to go and leave a good strong impression behind.

76. Hope is believing the future is bright so much that it can guide you through the darkest times and light up your life like a star.

77. No matter how desperate your situation is, how hopeless your circumstances if you can find a way, a way to believe in a bright future, a brighter future, you will find that the light of the future is your light.

78. I have found that life is so full of UPS and downs- it can leave me out of breath, but don’t ever give up on your dreams – it’s the only way you’ll ever get up in the morning.

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79. The future is as bright as the sun, the past as dark as the night. And life is a journey taking us to the land of the unknown.

80. Hope is believing the future is bright not your eyes – it’s your heart, and it’s beating like a drum to make the world hear.

81. Hope is believing the future is bright. Hope is believing in the hope we can build, hope is believing that if we pay our dues, we can get a break and make a living.

82. I know when the sun comes up, I’ll know that my dreams come true, I know that in dreams there is no place, for people who are mean and bad. I know that my dreams are true, I know deep within.

83. Hope will never fade away and time will never make it go. And even in the most heartless of times, I’ll find a way.

84. Hope is a pure gift from God. Hope is something that is bestowed upon us by God for a reason. Hope is a gift from God, so you should treasure it and cherish it!

85. Hope is a way that makes it possible not to give up when we don’t know what the future holds, it’s the belief in the future with the power of dreams, it’s the power of dreams.

86. Hope is believing the future is bright, even when our eyes see only the past.

87. Never give up on hope. Never ever give up. It’s one of the most important things in life. No matter what happens, don’t ever give up hope.

88. Hope is not a strategy, it’s just an option, a way to push the possibilities before we’re out of time.

89. Hope is believing the future is bright, hope is wanting something in our lives, hope is believing that despite the times, the odds are in our favour.

90. Hope is believing the future is bright, no matter how far or deep, no matter how tall or wide.

91. Hope is not the same as optimism. Hope is the belief in something positive in the midst of a situation of uncertainty, which can only be achieved by faith.

92. Hope is the faith that tomorrow will be better than today.

93. There’s always hope if you have a dream, don’t give up, good things come to those who wait.

94. All hope is not lost in a moment of your darkest despair, to the shining stars above and all around, all hope is not lost.

95. When the future looks bleak and bleak, and the road seems long and dark, remember how far you have come from the start, and that all the people who were there for you and will be there for you in the end.

96. When you are young and you think the world’s complicated, don’t let that discourage you; Enjoy your youth and time, because you won’t have it long.

97. Hope is believing the future is bright, if I live and die in darkness, I’ll still have hope, I’ll have faith, and as my days move on, I’ll have hope for the future.

98. When all else is gone, hope remains. When all is lost, hope is still there.

99. Hope is a wonderful thing, if you don’t have any, you just find something to believe in.

100. Hope is believing in a better future, that’s what keeps us going on, and makes us believe in the best of everything.

101. To have hope and never lose a dream, feel beautiful, feel refreshed, know in your life there is always tomorrow, sometimes it just takes a while to get there.

102. Hope is a belief in the best even when the future is uncertain.

103. Facing the cold, dark days and the sorrows you endure seems to turn to joy as you remember how the future will be, ‘cause a new day’s waiting to be born.

104. As a child I used to think the world was going to come to an end, I never knew anymore, it was just a phase, but I remembered how that hope made me feel.

105. Hope your future is bright, hope it’s ever so bright, hope your day doesn’t start when things get tough and hope it’s never so tough, that you give up.

106. Hope is believing the future is bright. Not giving up and clinging to what’s left of the past, without the courage to dream about this or that, and without the courage to face who you are and what you choose.

107. Hope is there to help us through our darkest times, to remind us of the light within, to tell us that someday we’ll have a better way, and we’ll all be free to be the best we can be.

108. The future will hold more challenges than we can imagine, but don’t ever let that stop you from dreaming, believing, and reaching for the stars!

As we work toward a future that is more tolerant, diverse and nurturing of the environment and people, it is easy to be overcome with discouragement and frustration at times.

If you are feeling this way, I really do hope going through these inspiring quotes about hope for the future was all that you needed.


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