Quotes to Brighten Up Her Day

As a man, expressing your feelings for your wife and girlfriend and letting her know how much she means to you is the best way to brighten up her day. The earlier you start, the better. Waking up before she does and writing a note is something that will make her feel appreciated

Being in a relationship is really great. And there are some days when you feel like you can’t do anything more for your special someone, not even taking her out for a picnic or to the amusement park. But then, you should get inspired and start to look for ways to make your day brighter.

That is why I have written these quotes to brighten up her day for you to make her happy, smile, and feel special. Be sure that these quotes will brighten up her day because they come from the source of love itself.

Ever since I met you, my life has been more amazing. You are the smartest girl I know, and your laugh melts away every stress from my body. You always find ways to make me smile in spite of what’s on my mind. I hope this quote of mine, brightens up your day because you are my world.

1. There is just one thing I would like to say. I love you, not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. Not only do my arms want to hold you, but my heart wants to as well. Your caring ways, your beautiful smile, and your beautiful eyes make me melt into a puddle every time you look into mine. I feel so alive when we are together because every touch reminds me of how lucky I am to

2. Thank you so much for being there for me whenever I need you. I love that we were able to meet the day before Valentine’s Day and have been such an important part of each other’s lives since. I appreciate everything you do for me, even if it is something as simple as making dinner or giving me a kiss to let me know you care. Thank you for looking past my flaws and into my heart, because that is all that matters.

3. You really know how to light up my days. Thank you so much for being in my life and letting me love you more than anything. I hope that this little text will help you feel better if you are feeling sad or gloomy. I love you!

4. You are the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thought on my mind as I drift off to sleep. Loving you is so easy because everything about you, from your beautiful smile to your caring heart, drives me crazy with passion. I’m eternally grateful to have you in my life. With love,

5. You have never been anything but kind and loving to me. I am incredibly happy that we are forever together. I hope to honor you the best way I know how, by always being a good man to you and a wonderful partner.

6. It makes me so happy that you are in my life and I’m so grateful for your goodness. You make everyone smile and feel comfortable and I promise to always be myself around you. I love you with all of my heart, you are truly a blessing!

7. There is not a single day I don’t feel so incredibly lucky that you are in my life. You are smart, beautiful and talented and make me smile every time I see you. We were meant to be together!

8. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ring you gave me. I am so lucky and happy to have found a jewel as wonderful, cute and caring as you. You are the angel sent from heaven to me, my dream come true. I hope to be your world forever!

9. I want you to know how busy my heart is when I’m with you. When we are apart, my heart and body long for you. Your love is worth waiting for and I am yours completely. Thanks so much for being a part of my life!

10. Hey babe, I was just thinking about you! When I’m not with you, my heart longs for you. Your love is what keeps me going; it’s the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. I am so lucky to have you in my life and can’t wait to see you again soon!

11. I want you to know how much I love you. Whenever we’re apart, my heart and body ache for you. You’re all I think about, and I can’t wait until the next time I get to tell you that.

12. When I’m with you my heart skips a beat. I love you so much. When we are apart, my heart loves no other. I miss you more than you know.

13. One day I hope to find an opportunity to express my love for you. But in lieu of that, please allow me to simply tell you that I miss you and that I think about you every day. My heart flutters when we are together, and I feel your warmth next to mine – even from a distance.

14. You’re the thing that makes me smile, laugh, sing and even cry. I am thankful to have you by my side. You are an invaluable treasure and I promise to never abuse your gift. I’ll cherish our memories forever.

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15. Sweetness is only skin deep, but your sweet words are engraved in my heart and will last forever.

16. I’m happy to have you in my life. I love you more than I can say!

17. I can tell you want me but I’m not giving in anytime soon. I want to know that you are right for me and that you are completely serious about being with me. I’m open to a long term relationship, so let’s take our time to get to know each other better.

18. I’m sorry, I can’t send you a copy of the notes right now. I’d love for you to see them, but I want a clean copy. When I meet with my advisor next week, it will be very important for me to present an error free paper and having this in front of you may cause me to make more mistakes than I already do.

19. Hopefully, you know how much I love you and how important you are to me. May this text help you out if you’re feeling down; don’t be sad or blue, I just want all the best for you.

20. I love all your little habits and the way you think. And I love your weaknesses because when I’m making you feel happy, all I see are your strengths. Thank you for being in my life. And have a very happy day.

21. You make me smile every time I see your name. When I see you in the middle of our quarrels, you make my day better with just one hug. Whatever we go through, you’re there for me and for that I want to say thank you for being an important part of my life. I am still having a lot of fun with you, sweetheart.

22. You know, I feel like we have been friends forever. It just feels so natural to be around you. You always give me a smile whenever you enter the room and I love that you are someone who can always make me laugh. I’m so happy to have found a friend like you in my life.

23. My heart beats for you my love. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want to spend my life with you. I can’t wait to get home to you after work every day.

24. You are my life, and I am so glad to have you. I love sharing the days with you, and I love looking into your eyes.

25. When you first came into my life, I thought that it would be interesting to get to know you. You are such an amazing person who can make some other person’s life better.

Quotes to Brighten Up Her Day

I’m so lucky to have found you. You’re the one that makes me feel like I can face any challenge. I love how you are always there for me, no matter what and how you give me advice even when I don’t ask for it. You deserve the best in the whole world because your beautiful smile had always brighten up my day.

26. I love you my dear, and I’m glad that I met you in this life. Thank you for being there when I needed it, thank you for all your support in this difficult time and thank you for being with me on this beautiful journey of life.

27. I appreciate you for loving me for who I am, for accepting me, for being my best friend and just being there when I needed help. You have no idea how much that means to me. There are days I don’t think too highly of myself but with you around, things seem to be a little brighter.

28. You were the last thing I expected to find. My heart was broken and I was lost. You found me in the most unexpected way, a happy accident that brought me love and joy. I’m so glad you are in my life, you bring me so much joy!

29. I love how wonderful you are, but there is something else that i love just as much. That’s your amazing sparkle! Your bright and shiny personality is a constant ray of sunshine in my otherwise dark life. I’m so thankful that you are in my life, and I will never ever let go. I love you!

30. To the most wonderful woman I have ever met. You inspire me, you fascinate me. I look into your eyes and see a brightness that I strive to make my own. Your love keeps me grounded, your kisses keep me steady and your laugh keeps me happy. Thank you for all the joy you bring to me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to return it to you ten fold.

31. Thank you for being the best girlfriend or wife I have ever had and for always bringing me so much delight. I owe you everything, and know that I am the luckiest man on this earth because of you.

32. My love, Thanks for brightening up my day. I wish I could walk down the street with you and hold your hand in the park. I want to kiss you in the rain and fall asleep next to you every night. Your my dream come true, even when I wake up!

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33. I hope that today filled your heart with happiness knowing you are in my thoughts, this life is crazy and hard sometimes, but when i look into your eyes , it’s like a breath of fresh air. I am so thankful for the life you have given me, the one that you are always involved in. Your love is what keeps me standing up even when I feel like I have nothing left. Thank you for holding my hand through all of my ups and downs, for being there for

34. You are everything to me, my love. I’m so lucky to have you and I don’t ever want to lose you. You bring out the best in me and your love makes me a better person. I am so thankful for the patience that you show me when I am being difficult and moody.

35. I love you unconditionally. You fill my life with so much joy. The thought of you touches me in ways I never knew possible. I am so glad that I found you, and look forward to the days ahead. You make me feel alive, and so very happy!

36. I’m so grateful that you’re a part of my life and so lucky to have found you. Loving you is one of the greatest gifts in the world that I’ve been given. Knowing I have you to share all my adventures with makes me feel genuinely happy inside. I can’t wait for our journey together to continue, never letting go of your hand.

37. My dearest girlfriend or wife, life is not easy but I am so grateful to have you. When times get tough I can lean into your sweet embrace and know that everything is going to be all right. The more time I spend with you the more I can feel myself falling for you. I promise to always treat you like my queen and give you the love and respect that yo u deserve. You have my heart and I will never let go of you.

38. How could I ever say how much you mean to me? If I could, I’ll tell you over and over again. If you ever leave my side, may angels lead you in and out of love’s door. All I can do is show you how grateful I am to have you in my life, as my best girlfriend or wife.

39. every day with you is a blessing, every night with you is a dream come true, i love you more than i have ever loved anyone, with every breath i take and every heartbeat i make it a point to tell u how much u mean to me. you are my life Angel , the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me .

40. You are my joy in life, my reason for breathing. You make me feel at ease, understood and loved. You are such a blessing from above, filling my life with pure happiness! I love you so much!

41. I never thought I could ever find anyone like you. Knowing how lucky I am to have you makes me the happiest man alive. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I love you.

42. If a star falls from the sky every time I think of you, then every night the sky would be scattered with stars. If a tear falls from my eye every time I miss you, then there would be million of tears in the sea. If a grain of sand appears every time I think about you, then all the beaches around the world will be covered by sands. If life is not worth living without you, then I wanna die.

43. You were the girl who held me in her arms and made my dreams come true. You made me feel loved, you made me feel appreciated, you made me feel happy. And all I have to do is look at your eyes and I already know that with every passing moment, with every second closer we become, my love for you will only and foreverly grow.

44. There is always something that I’m grateful for in my life – and I want to tell you how thankful I am for you. There will never be a day when I am not thankful that I get to spend every minute of everyday with you!

45. The way you move so delicately as if you were dancing on a windy day with all the weight of the world resting on your shoulders. Your smile that creeps across your face, gently and beautifully. Your eyes when they look at me, full of the warmth of a bright summer’s day. I love those eyes, they are what make me keep coming back to you again and again. You have an amazing way of being you that is not like anyone else in the world. I

46. Every single day I feel so grateful to have found you. You are the other half of my heart, the missing puzzle piece that completes me. I love how much fun we have together and how much we can understand each other. Even though I know there will be hard times ahead, I want you to know that I am going to do everything in my power to make sure our love is never broken.

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47. There are some days I see you and I still need to pinch myself because I cannot believe how lucky I am that you are my girlfriend or wife. Your smile can make even the darkest day seem bright. I love your hug, your kisses and the way you look at me. You have a way of brightening up my life in just one day. You are so wonderful it hurts. My heart belongs to you, no one else will do. With a sweetheart like you by my side,

48. Words can’t express how much I love and appreciate you. You are the most beautiful woman in my world. I am so lucky to have you. My heart beats rapidly every time I look in your eyes and see the everlasting love that shines back at me.We were made for each other and as long as we both shall live, I will thank God every day for bringing you into my life.

49. Baby, I am so lucky to have you as my love. Thank you for always being there for me like a friend, lover and hero. I am so thankful for everything that you’ve done for me. No words could ever express how grateful I am. You are my number one priority and I know that no matter what you will always be by my side.

50. I want to hold your face in my hands and look you straight in the eye and tell you how much I love you. I want to kiss you on the tip of your nose and run my fingers through your hair while looking deep into your eyes. I want to tell you how special you are, how lucky I feel in being with someone like you. You mean so much to me, are the best part of my life.

51. I’ve never met a girl as beautiful, or as kind, or as loving as you. You are just a pearl among the sand. And I’ve never met a man quite like me who is so lucky to have found you. I love you.

52. I love you. No matter how many times I say it, it never seems like enough. You mean everything to me. The thought of you still gives me butterflies all these years later, and the feeling is still mutual. I’m so lucky to have found you and to be able to share this journey with you for the rest of my life.

53. We are so lucky to have found each other. Your eyes shine brighter than the stars and your laugh is like music to my ears. I’m so glad you are in my life, you bring me so much joy!

54. I’m so grateful for how much you love me and how caring you are. I’m so lucky to have you in my life to do things for me and put up with my silliness and craziness. I want to grow old with you, watch our kids grow up, maybe even get a dog 😉

55. A new month has begun. There are so many things we have to be thankful for. I am thankful for every single day I get to spend with you. You are my favorite person in the world and I love being able to go on this journey called life with you by my side.

56. Remember the time I dropped a cup of coffee all over your laptop? You could have been angry, but instead you sent me one of your patented death glares and calmly said, “You’re lucky I love you.” Your words are forever engraved into my heart. Even when we’re fighting, or I’m being selfish, or you get a terrible cold because you took care of me while I was sick, your love is constant and unwavering.

57. I will love the moment I first saw you. I will love the moment that I first touch you. I will love our first kiss. And I will love every moment after that.

58. I am grateful for our love. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I am looking forward to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. Let’s take off together and explore this beautiful world out there!

59. I’m so grateful I found you. You make my life worth living. The love we have together is magical, a feeling I have never felt before. Thank you for loving me and always being there in the most beautiful ways possible.

60. I am so happy that you are in my life. I love everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, everything about you makes me feel lucky. I am grateful for our families being so close and wanting us to be together. We have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful future together.

I hope you enjoyed these Quotes to brighten up her day. The best way to make her day is just to let her know how much she means to you, especially during those times when she’s feeling down or not herself. Give her a random compliment, send cute messages and quotes, do something unexpected for her, tell her how you feel about her every single day and you will have a happy girlfriend or wife.
Send these quotes with your beloved and be sure that their day will be brighter than ever.

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