Sorry Messages – Motivation and Love

I’ve not lived up to your expectations. I’ve not kept my promises to you.
I’ve not loved you enough. I’m sorry my queen.
I will change for the best and will ever be your best
Please give me another chance to prove my love for you.

Truth be told, I was wrong.
I might not know how much you’re hurt but,
Now I could feel the weight of my wrong deed.
Feel sorry for my ignorance and careless attitude.
Please Forgive me my love.

I never wanted you to say sorry.
I’m the one who is to say that.
It’s a good saying that you’ll get back what you give.
I’m sorry for the pains and hurt I’ve caused you.

The costliest thing in the world to me now is peace.
What’s between us is war, of which there’s no small one.
I can’t take this anymore, it’s breaking me apart.
I forgive you, Please forgive me too.

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I’m so sorry for blaming you for everything.
I’m the one who’s to be blamed.
I’m the one who did not act right…
Forgive my ignorance. I love you.

I wish I could send more than sorry messages
I wish I could undo my wrongs and mistakes
Please forgive me this once
I am so sorry my love.

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