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Emotional meltdown quotes are needed when you’re in that intense emotional state that the body instinctively enters when it is overwhelmed with a certain feeling. It’s intense because the body enters this state like a last resort. If the feeling it’s attacked with is strong enough, the body will have no choice but to react this way for self-preservation.

Emotional meltdown can be caused by different things, including work, family, friends and more. Some people experience it after spending an evening with a loved one who abuses them emotionally for hours. Other examples are when a spouse leaves a message on their phone saying the kids are sick over the weekend and that they’ll be working instead of spending time with them or when a co-worker comes into your office and assigns you a ton of work that wasn’t in your job description and wants it done by the end of the day.

An emotional meltdown makes you so angry and upset that you can no longer keep yourself together. The littlest things can set you off, and you start to lose control. It is like someone opens the door of your mind, or even your soul and all your emotions come pouring out.

If you are faced with problems, it can lead to emotional breakdowns – affecting your well-being and those around you. Check these emotional meltdown quotes to get enlightened.

An emotional meltdown is when your emotions suddenly overpower and take over your ability to think rationally, reason or in any way that benefits you. In other words, it’s when you let your emotions completely take control and take over you.

1. Emotional meltdown happens when you’ve been working too hard, and the pressure’s too much. It’s that point where you break down.

2. Emotional meltdown is very crucial. Nobody likes to see their loved ones have an emotional meltdown. 

3. It’s almost impossible for anyone who hasn’t experienced an emotional meltdown to understand what it’s like.

4. The feeling of an emotional meltdown is uncontrollable. You mind your own business when suddenly, you feel a rush of anxiety, your heart starts to race, and you feel your emotion getting a hold of you. 

5. Emotional meltdown is a hard time for everyone. 

6. Emotional meltdown is when you lose control of your emotions and actions after experiencing a major life stressor and feel like you can’t handle the pressure.

7. Emotional meltdown is a short-term, time-limited event.

8. Emotional meltdown is not just for kids. Adults have them too!

9. Emotional meltdown is the emotional experience of losing another person.

10. Emotional meltdown is hard to watch and even harder when you experience it.

11. Emotional meltdown is when it feels like nothing is going right and everything is falling apart.

12. Emotional meltdown is a sudden burst of anger that can result in various consequences such as loss of friends, injury, and even death.

13. Emotional meltdown is an emotional response to a stressful situation. It often manifests itself as anger, rage, resentment, or depression.

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14. It’s a terrible moment when you realise you’re having an emotional meltdown. You feel helpless, and there’s no one to help. 

15. Going through an emotional meltdown feels like a terrible mourning period.

16. Emotional meltdown makes you so angry that you cannot act rationally.

17. Emotional meltdown is an intense, sudden feeling or reaction that is usually unrelated to the triggering event. 

18. Emotional meltdown is a big problem for many people.

19. An emotional meltdown is a sudden, intense reaction to an event that causes you to feel suddenly out of control.

20. Crying, screaming and freaking out. These are just some symptoms of an emotional meltdown.

21. Emotional meltdown happens to many of you. And it’s not pleasant. 

22. Emotional meltdown is an emotionally confusing time, and you can’t help but wonder how you’ll cope.

23. Emotional meltdown is the most frustrating and embarrassing feeling in the world. 

24. Emotional meltdown is when you lose it, and it’s okay to lose it.

25. Emotional meltdown comes like you have a heart attack. But it’s not your heart. It’s your brain. And the epicentre is your amygdala.

26. Emotional meltdown makes you feel like you’re going to explode. An emotional meltdown comes as you get hit by a wave of emotions you can’t control.

27. Emotional meltdown comes with a deep sense of sadness, anger, and depression.

28. When you’re having an emotional meltdown, it’s hard to remain calm and functional.

29. Emotional meltdown is terrible to experience and feel, but it’s also perfectly normal.

30. Emotional meltdown is a feeling of being overwhelmed by an uncontrollable and extreme sense of panic.

31. Having an emotional meltdown is a very unpleasant experience.

32. It’s hard to think about much else when you’re amid an emotional meltdown. You want it to stop.

33. Emotional meltdown happens to most people. You get so stressed out that you start shaking and crying.

34. It’s normal to feel like this and have the urge to break down. An emotional meltdown can happen to anyone.

35. Emotional meltdown is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives.

36. I’ve had them; you’ve had them; we’ve all had them. Everyone has had an emotional meltdown at one point or another.

37. You can experience an emotional meltdown for different reasons, but it’s never a pleasant experience.

38. Emotional meltdown can be confusing and scary for everyone involved.

39. Emotional meltdown is when we’re so overwhelmed and stressed out that our emotions take over, and we cry, yell, throw things or break something.

40. Emotional meltdown – you know that feeling when someone’s done something to make you upset, and you can’t control your emotions anymore.

41. Emotional meltdown is when you’re so overwhelmed that you start crying, screaming, and can’t think straight.

42. Emotional meltdown is a frustrating experience.

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43. Emotional meltdown is a terrible experience, but it’s not the end of the world.

44. Emotional meltdown is often used to describe a mental breakdown.

45. It’s hard to see your child go through an emotional meltdown, but it’s even harder when you don’t know how to help them.

46. When you are affected by a loss of control and self-awareness, it results in an emotional breakdown.

47. Emotional meltdown describes the state of mind when you go into a rage and start yelling or crying uncontrollably.

48. Emotional meltdown isn’t something anyone enjoys.

49. An emotional meltdown is when someone becomes emotional and usually cries, screams, or throws things.

50. Emotional meltdown can happen to anyone, and it’s not a barrier.

51. It’s no fun to have an emotional meltdown, but it happens to everyone.

52. It’s important to understand that an emotional meltdown can happen to anyone.

53. If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, you will probably have an emotional meltdown.

54. Emotional meltdown is a term used to describe someone having an emotional breakdown.

55. Emotional meltdown results in tears of rage, frustration, and sadness. And they happen to all of us.

56. Emotional meltdown happens to most people.

57. Emotional meltdown is completely normal and can happen to anyone. Everyone goes through it.

58. Emotional meltdown describes the state of mind when someone has lost it.

59. Emotional meltdown is an unfortunate part of life for many people. 

60. Emotional meltdown can happen to anyone, and it’s unpleasant to experience.

61. It is difficult to deal with an emotional meltdown. 

62. It’s hard to get through the day when you’re dealing with an emotional meltdown.

63. Emotional meltdown is common. They’re the moments when your emotions take over, and you can’t control yourself.

64. Emotional meltdown is the feeling of being so overwhelmed you can barely function.

65. Emotional meltdown is the state of being overwhelmed or unduly stressed by circumstances beyond one’s control and acting in a way that may be considered embarrassing.

66. An emotional meltdown is a breakdown in self-control, and various factors can cause it.

67. Emotional meltdown is a sudden, unexpected emotional breakdown where you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

68. Emotional meltdown is a time of intense stress and confusion for someone who doesn’t know how to express their feelings.

69. To be honest. Nobody likes having an emotional meltdown. 

70. Emotional meltdown is what happens when you feel overwhelmed.

71. You just had your heart broken and feel like the world is ending. You are on the path to an emotional meltdown.

72. Emotional meltdown is when a person loses control of their emotions and melts down.

73. Many people have an emotional meltdown at some point.

74. Emotional meltdown is used to describe an emotional outburst that is so intense that it makes the person temporarily lose control of their actions. 

75. Everyone has moments when you feel like nothing is going right and you’re on the verge of an emotional meltdown. 

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76. Emotional meltdown combines anger, sadness, and panic. It’s not just sadness but anger at the fact that you’ve been sad.

77. Emotional meltdown is when you lose control for some time and fall into despair.

78. Emotional meltdown is a thing that happens to everyone, so don’t worry if you ever feel like you’re having one.

79. An emotional meltdown is when you feel like you can’t cope with how you’re feeling.

80. If you’ve ever experienced a meltdown, you know how embarrassing and uncomfortable it can be!

81. It’s hard not to have an emotional meltdown when you can’t find your keys or phone.

82. Emotional meltdown happens when you’re having a bad day and start feeling overwhelmed by everything around you.

83. An emotional meltdown is when you’re overwhelmed by your emotions.

84. Emotional meltdown is when someone loses control of their emotions, usually leading to an argument or even a physical confrontation.

85. It’s hard to watch someone go through an emotional meltdown.

86. No one wants an emotional meltdown. But when you’re feeling all kinds of stress, it can be hard to avoid.

87. Emotional meltdown happens when you feel sad, hopeless, tired and helpless. You might cry and feel like you don’t want to go on.

88. Emotional meltdown is a natural reaction – you’re dealing with a lot of uncertainty and stress when your parent becomes ill. 

89. Emotional meltdown happens to the best of us, which isn’t very comfortable. 

90. Emotional meltdown is just one of the ways you try to make sense of an emotional breakdown, whether brought on by significant loss, trauma, or even daily stressors.

91. Emotional meltdown is when you feel sick and want to cry.

92. Emotional meltdown happens when you feel you can’t get through the day because it’s too much.

93. Emotional meltdown is very common. People are emotional creatures, and we can’t help when something happens. Sometimes if something big happens, some emotions take over. 

94. Emotional meltdown is when someone has lost control of themselves emotionally.

95. Emotional meltdown is when you want to throw your hands up and say forget this ever happened, go away.

96. Everyone goes through an emotional meltdown. You feel lost and hopeless from time to time. 

97. Emotional meltdown is a thing; a million people every year suffer severely from it. 

98. You have all had an emotional meltdown at one point in life. An emotional meltdown happens when you feel like the world is ending for you.

99. Emotional meltdown is never a great experience. It can be hard to cope with

100. Emotional meltdown is when you start crying, yelling, and can’t get yourself together.

When your emotions completely take control and take over you, then you are experiencing an emotional meltdown. I hope these emotional meltdown quotes will help you.

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