Three Year Breakup Anniversary Quotes

December 18, 2022 SchoolScholarng 0

You know this day will come, but that doesn’t mean you are ready for it. You still have some hope, and it’s killing you inside when things aren’t worked out or resolved with your ex. I understand the emotions and actions that surface during this time. It’s not easy to say how painful this is

I Am Busy Building My Empire Quotes

December 17, 2022 SchoolScholarng 0

Most people dream about creating an empire. Putting it out there, letting it grow and change the lives of others with what they believe in. It is not just about making money but about making a difference. Empires are not built by folding hands.

Two Year Breakup Anniversary Quotes

December 17, 2022 SchoolScholarng 0

It’s the two-year anniversary of your breakup! You may be feeling some mixed emotions. On one hand, you’re happy because you’ve moved on and are probably in a new relationship. On the other hand, you’re sad because you still miss your ex and wonder if they’ve moved on yet.The two-year breakup anniversary is a good

Time to Break up Quotes

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There are times when you know a relationship isn’t working. You’ve tried to fix it, but nothing’s changed. If this is the case, it’s time to break up and there are also times when you just have to end things. You may think you’re in love and want to be with your boyfriend forever, but

I Love Challenges Quotes – Sweet Love Messages

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I love the feeling of overcoming a challenge or achieving something I didn’t think was possible. It doesn’t matter what it is; it could be anything from learning a new skill to running a marathon. The thing about challenges is that they’re never easy. If you’re trying to do something difficult, it’s going to take

You Make Me Feel Calm Quotes

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To feel calm means to be at peace and to have rest. If someone or your loved one makes you feel calm, you feel on top of the world. It is a feeling of safety and contentment in the knowledge that everything is right in the world. Calmness is the key to success. Making someone

Brick Road Quotes – Sweet Love Messages

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We’d have over a year-long event if we asked people to recount all the hardships they’ve endured. We’d maybe even have a ‘challenge’ or hashtags for the saddest stories ever. Anyhow, the fact is that life’s challenges are as constant as oxygen and are more than happy to hit us at different turns.Crying and throwing

Motivational Quotes for Challenges at Work

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Anyone that has a job and doesn’t expect to face challenges at work is deceiving themselves. Challenges could come in form of bigger tasks, and they could come in the form of obstacles to performing a task.And these challenges can scare us away, or put us down. Some can even make us give up on